Our Mission

Inspired by Christ, our mission is to love and serve with all people in restoring all of creation to God’s loving embrace.

We are inspired by Christ, which means:
that we believe that Christianity is about community and relationships.
we see the Christian faith as a way of life more than a set of abstract doctrines or intellectual beliefs.
together, we learn how to live, to pray, to think, to worship, to work, and to serve like Jesus – but in our place and time.

When we say that we love and serve with all people, we:
affirm our connectedness to people everywhere who are striving to be a blessing to their neighbors, the world and to those within our own community.
are an open and affirming community, welcoming all people as part of God’s creation.

We are engaged in restoring all of creation to God’s loving embrace, which means that we act to regenerate, renew and sustain:
human communities,
the environment,
and ourselves for the sake of the world God created.