Love Your Muslim Neighbor as Yourself

Do you know that in Arabic, the word “fatwah” simply means “opinion”? In a religious context, a fatwah is a spiritually instructive opinion, usually given as the answer to a question about religious law. Jesus was a master of the art of fatwah. His opinions, revered by Christians and Muslims alike, remain among the most beautiful and powerful fatwahs ever issued.

You are invited to join the Lumen Christi community for a video series addressing how we live into Jesus’s greatest fatwah, when he told us to love our neighbors. In an age of increasing Islamophobia, we believe it is especially important for Christians to love their Muslim neighbors, a process that begins when we learn who Muslims are and what Muslims actually believe.

Join us in the sanctuary Tuesdays from 1:00 – 3:00 pm, beginning October 21st. Questions? Contact Sandi DeMaster at (971)237-0706.

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