Traditional Worship for the Fall: What’s New?

These are the notes that Susan Dehm took from Sunday’s discussion:

Traditional Worship for the Fall: What’s new?

This past Sunday afternoon I spent the better part of an hour listening to what 14 of our “Traditional folks” want in their worship experience.  There was an even representation of Lutheran and Methodist members and none where shy about sharing – YEA!  Here is a summary of what was discussed:

The important pieces of worship that help them connect with God: 





Meditation/prayer/quiet time for reflection





Consistency [of time (15-20 sermon, and service not lasting more than one hour), and structure]


Things they have liked over the past year of practice:

Having a cantor/song leader

9:00am time

Sung prayer response

Theme/scripture intro by lay person (but make sure it’s only a 2-3 minute talk!)


What would they like to see going forward:

Greater unity – a way to have a Traditional Worship that reflects/blends both Lutheran and Methodist Heritage.  In case that statement makes you feel a bit of panic, the group also had suggestions of how to make that happen.

  • Include a Old Testament Scripture, Psalm and New Testament/Gospel scripture for each service
  • Choose songs that are familiar to both heritages (we have a list of all of the songs that are in both hymnals – about 35% of them)
  • Use a musical setting that is easy to sing (example: the Feast & Celebration)
  • When new songs are introduced have a practice of that song before it’s sung (either at the very beginning of worship or at the beginning of the song)
  • Make sure the closing hymn/song is a very familiar one
  • Instead of using the hymnals, print the music, with notes, in the bulletin, as well as having the words on the projection.
  • This is a suggestion of mine: don’t include a creed every Sunday, but only when it might apply to the theme or for a “high holy day”
  • If we continue with both a Traditional Worship and a Celebration Worship, have the 5th Sunday (there are 4 every year), be a whole church, one service, Sunday that is something special. (youth led, Taize, etc.)
  • Weekly communion (with easy access to the altar rail if any wish to kneel and pray after taking communion – this last was shared with me afterwards).
  • On special Sundays, have the organ played – many miss it.


Coffee hour suggestions:

  • Have a sign-up list, so no one is stuck doing it more than once every 4-6 weeks
  • Have Adult Sunday School begin at 10:10 – and make sure the leaders know this – so that people can get their coffee and goodie, but also participate in Sunday School if they wish.


Well – this should get everyone thinking!  Feel free to let me know your thoughts  or

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