All are Welcome at McMinnville Cooperative Ministries!

McMinnville Cooperative Ministries is a joint ministry of McMinnville United Methodist Church and Trinity Lutheran Church of McMinnville.  We are a welcoming Christian community, united in our desire to work with all people to restore all of creation to God’s loving embrace. Read more…

Join Us Sunday

AT 8:30 OR 10 AM
In the Sanctuary at 8:30 am
In Person or Online at 10am on YouTube or Zoom

What to expect at our Sunday service
When our community gathers on Sunday morning we participate in worshiping God together through a variety of arts and practices. We invite you to share in these with us in whatever way and to the degree you feel comfortable or even not at all. Here are some of the things we do.

We sing together. Our faith has a long history of singing. Some of the songs are new and modern, some of the music is hundreds of years old and some of the words thousands of years old. We hope you’ll sing along with us.

We pray together, sometimes all saying the same prayer out loud and sometimes hearing and affirming someone who is praying on behalf of our community. There are many ways of praying and communicating with God, and we use this particular practice so that we can pray together at the same time.

We hear words from our sacred texts and hear them interpreted. We hope to learn and be inspired as our minds and hearts are drawn toward God in the words and stories of ancient people and in the words of Jesus.

We have announcements, sharing news of some of the things our community is engaged in.

We have Break Out rooms, an informal time to get to know one another a little better or be introduced to someone new in a relaxed setting.

We share a meal together. Jesus asks us to remember his life as a meal shared among his followers. Early in the history of the church this meal transformed from a full meal to a sharing of bread and wine. There are many beliefs about this meal, sometimes called communion or eucharist, which means “Thanksgiving.” Following Jesus’s example, we welcome anyone who wishes to participate in this meal to share it with us. If you do not wish to, you may also receive a blessing by crossing your arms across your chest. We offer both wine and grape juice as well as a gluten-free option for the bread.

The 8:30 Service is a much smaller gathering that meets for just 25 min. in our traditional chapel.
At this service we have:
Short Homily


McMinnville Cooperative Ministries is centrally located in historic downtown McMinnville, Oregon.   Our main campus is at :

544 NE 2nd Street
McMinnville OR 97128

Additionally, the Parkview Campus, home to a community garden, labyrinth, and picnic area is located at:

325 NE Burnett Rd.
McMinnville, OR 97128